Success Stories

  • Fort Erie Durez Plant won OxyChem worldwide environmental award of excellence – Top plant in the world out of 40.
  • 60% reduction in Phenol liquid waste disposal achieved due to implementing recycling process.
  • Reduction of 50% in solid waste to landfill compared to 1993.
  • Reduction of 75% in water usage compared with 1993.
  • Two plants installing air emission filters and scrubbers to reduce organic emissions by 90 % and 25 %.
  • Switched packaging from non-returnable boxes that had to be land filled to returnable containers.
  • Switched from drums to bulk storage to eliminate drum usage.
  • On-site resin holding ponds decommissioned and site remediation completed at a cost of two million dollars.
  • 76% reduction in VCM emissions to air achieved
  • Reduced chemical wastes to landfill by 69% from 1995 to 1999.
  • Chemical Emission and Waste Data is presented annually to the community.
  • Chemical transfer stations installed with fume recovery systems to eliminate any effect on the environment.
  • Improved water effluent monitoring system.
  • Two heat reclaim projects reducing greenhouse gases by 11%.
  • Built new building to store raw material drums and tote bins to protect soil and groundwater in event of a leak. Cost $150,000.
  • Raw material bulk storage facilities installed at cost of $225,000 to eliminate used bags being sent to landfill. Landfill reduced approximately 25,000 lb. per year and safety improved by eliminating handling of 50-pound bags.
  • Water re-use projects are in the design phase to reduce water consumption by 25%.

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