Solvay/Cytec Canada Inc.


  • Built in 1941 as a munitions plant for the Canadian government.
  • Purchased by North American Cyanamid after World War II.
  • Produced a wide range of chemicals including ammonia, fertilizers, phosphates, electronic chemicals and phosphine and phosphine derivatives. In 1994 the name of the company was changed to Cytec Canada Inc.
  • The current site is now globally the largest computer operated phosphine and phosphine derivatives manufacturing facility. Phosphine derivatives are used as solvent extraction reagents, flame retardants, fumigants, catalysts and mining reagents.
  • The plant employs 140 people as chemical operators, engineers, skilled trades and clerical.

Contact Information

  • Corporate Site: Solvay (Cytec Group)
  • Brad Campbell (Site Manager): 289-668-5694
  • Kobus Diedericks (HSE Manager): 289-673-3387
  • Dave Platakis (HSE Specialist): 905-374-5826

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