Kemira Chemicals Canada Inc.


  • Built in 1927 to supply the large textile Centres of Hamilton, Galt and Hespler.
    • The plant started as Scholler brothers.
    • In 1980 was acquired by colloids of Canada.
    • In 1989 was acquired by Rhône-Poulenc.
    • In 1998 was acquired by Vinings Industries inc.
    • In 2002 was acquired by Kemira chemicals Canada inc.
  • The plant has had several expansions:
    • Pulp & paper, paint defoamers.
    • High heat intermediates.
    • Sizing agents for the pulp & paper industry.
  • Produces defoamers & water soluble polymers for the pulp and paper industry, defoamers for the coatings industry and textile finishing agents used as processing aids.
  • The plant employs a total of 22 people.

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